«σου 'χω πει ποτέ»

Poetry Book Release

Poetry book release at Zoetrope for the handmade book "σου 'χω πει ποτέ" (have I ever told you) by Kat Papachristou
The book was designed and created at home, during the pandemic lockdown 2020.
It was released digitally on June 2 on bandcamp and includes a 2-track digital album with songs "3:22 a.m." and "intermission".

A physical special edition of 23 numbered copies, including a download code for the digital album, is available.

Kat Papachristou is singer/songwriter Tango with Lions
and has released three albums via Inner Ear Records (Verba Time 2010, A Long Walk 2013, The Light 2018).

Thursday 09.09.2020 at 19:00

Kimolou 17, Kypseli, Athens 11362

How to talk about the past and the present of art in Athens?

A participatory workshop around an ethnographic film

In the summer of 2017, Herbert Ploegman and Grigoris Gkougkousis made an ethnographic film about a participatory artwork in the Athenian public space: a tent in Plateia Kotzia where meals were served daily. Now, in Zoetrope, their film turns into a collective exploration of what art means in Athens.

This workshop is an invitation to collectively think about the arts in Athens in the current moment and the recent past. It aims to create a space for collectively outlining aspects of this moment and a discussion of their significance. Amongst these may be the disappearance of that artwork from the Athenian public space, and the appearance of art spaces in the city. Another may be the difficulties that exist around screening the film and the repercussions for the workshop and the debate at large.

This workshop links art initiatives with anthropological research on art in Athens. It originates in Herbert's PhD project on artist-run spaces and their significance in Athens. The workshop aims to make room for questioning the ways we talk, think, and learn about art practices in Athens.

Saturday 14.03.20 at 16:00

and Sunday 15.03.20 at 16:00

Free Entrance

Seats are limited! To participate please reserve your seat by sending us an email to zoetropeathens@gmail.com

Death in Athens Festival

Athens Artcore

Poetics of Space 

Photography Workshop Presentation

The Poetics of Space is a journey and lyrical exploration of the intimacy of the home and interior spaces, of how our perceptions of these spaces shape our thoughts, memories and dreams

We are pleased to host the presentation of photographic work produced during a 5-day workshop in Athens, inspired by the subject of The Poetics of Space, a book written by the French philosopher, Gaston Bachelard in 1958. The workshop was organized by Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie in Berlin and conducted by Michael Grieve.

Friday 21.02.2020 at 19:30

Kimolou 17, Kypseli, Athens 11362

Deconstructing the (Photo)book and Reinventing it in Space

An experimental workshop by Natasha Christia

The laboratory is conceived with a dual goal: 1) To provide a thorough insight on the ways in which a photographic project, initially conceptualised and materialised in the form of a book, can be unfolded within the exhibition space (conceptual development and formal installation layout). 2) To challenge the notion of finished and static book objects and to open them up anew, inviting to novel creative and often subversive ways of engaging with the book format and its content, and with the idea of authorship. Both ideas will be implemented into the participants’ projects.

Why a workshop of this sort

From the book to the wall/installation space layout. Today the predominance and popularity of the book form has shifted the interests of the photographic community. The book is the first medium in which projects are conceptualized, materialised and brought to the public domain. But when it comes to exhibiting these projects —when it comes to taking them beyond the book pages to the wall— there is a confessed lack of knowledge and many photographers are faced with the challenge of implementing their work and ideas in this new area. Dealing with an installation space implies reworking and rethinking the project and its narrative anew. It also requires tackling a different set of parameters: from logistics, materials, design and budgets.


Revisiting, appropriating, deconstructing the book form and recreating it anew. The second exercise implies a more experimental, open-ended and collective engagement with the photobook and its content. It is an invitation to a profane territory of appropriations, recycling and reinventions of the (photo)book as an object in process, open to subversive reinterpretations of authorships and hegemonic tales.

An exercise of unearthing and destabilizing hidden identities and narratives, as well as (photo)books that are intentionally fractured and re-versioned, defying their proper authorial signature, format and narrative argument, it is addressed to open minds.

More about Natasha Christia here

New Archives - Exhibition


The flourishing of photobooks dealing with archival works reflects the desire and the urge of many authors to develop artistic practices, that transcend the archive from a place of storage to a place of production and discourse with the past under the effect of the shifting present.


The archival image liberated of its strictly factual and bureaucratic function, is activated in photobooks to introduce counter-narratives, to uncover untold or repressed stories, to negotiate collective or personal trauma or even to establish grassroots social, political and emotional archives.


What’s really interesting about the photobook as an artistic medium is that by enabling the production of complete narrative holes, especially through the editing, the sequencing as well as the interrelation of the images, it opposes the overall static and taxonomic archival format. In this very condition, montage and storytelling almost necessitate a repositioning and a critical reflection towards the archival material.


In this collection we attempted to gather works that represent the main strands of archival art as reflected in photobooks. These works break free of the concentrative format of the archive to move towards to its reinvention and rearticulation.



Alexandra Saliba - Yorgos Yatromanolakis


Books: Top Secret - Simon Menner, The Longest Way Round - Chris Dorley-Brown, Let Me Fall Again - Julia Borissova, Libya - Stella Chronopoulou, Where Mimosa Bloom - Rita Puig Serra Costa, Sangre - Leslie Spak, Everflow - Alexandra Saliba, Encyclopedia - Charlotte Lybeer, The Bοοκ of Fantastic Antiquities - Antonis Theodoridis, Conquistador - Nicolas Savary, Dotter - Aimilia Balaska, Fantastic Woman - Nelson Morales, Every Body is an Archive - Liz Orton

MedPhoto Festival 2019-2020 | Archive: Between the Public and the Private

Main Exhibition: Critical Archives IV: Documents
Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete

Book Presentation


We are delighted to invite you to the presentation of "Variations of Presence"   by Alexis Vasilikos.

"Variations of Presence" is a book of photos that arοse during daily walks in various parts of the world. Vasilikos calls his practice "peripatetic photography" and perceives it as a form of meditation in action. The images are imbued by the energy of contemplative seeing and stillness. It is published by Rigpa Editions, a publishing project that explores the space between art and spirituality. The design is by  No Más / No More.

Wednesday 23.10.2019 at 20:00

The right to be Radical

Black Feminism Workshop

The United African Women Organization – Greece and the European Network of People of African Decent invite you to three days of events in Athens, Greece with Dr. Carole Boyce Davies over the course of October 11, 12 and 13, 2019. The events centered on the theme of “Sisterhood and Struggle: Writing Black Women’s Political Leadership” mark the first visit of Dr. Carole Boyce Davies to Athens, Greece.

Esteemed scholar of Africana Studies and English at Cornell University (Ithaca, New York), and author of prize-winning books such as Left of Karl Marx: The Political Activism of Claudia Jones, Dr. Boyce Davies will be presenting a historical examination of Writing Black Women’s Political Leadership, centering the historical struggles and causes of erasure of Black Women’s activism legacies, posing pressing questions leading to action in the present.

The events take place in the context of UAWO’ s ongoing study of Black and Afrofeminist traditions.


A continuation of UAWO’s 1st Black Feminist Skillsharing Workshop, which took place in Athens over the course of five weeks in 2018, the initiative aims to address issues concerning the politics of space, and function as a platform to access knowledge and histories of political struggle often unacknowledged in many activist spaces in Greece and elsewhere. The event series includes workshops, womxn’s circles, reading groups and public talks.

The upcoming events also mark the first visit of ENPAD to Greece. ENPAD’S annual meeting will be taking place over the weekend, with members gathering from over 15 countries in Europe.



Matter of time
Αn aquatic cartography

In the work in progress ‘Matter of Time. An Aquatic Cartography’ the fundamental property of material is its duration. Yannis Stournas explores the traces and the inscriptions of the encapsulated rivers and streams in the urban environment of Athens. By collecting and photographing matter from the soil and the subsoil covering the rivers, he attempts to reinstate and solidify parts of the buried aquatic geography of the city.

The pre-industrial photographic technique of ambrotype, being employed for this work, on the one hand is monumentalizing the material findings and on the other hand it is pointing out their variable state. Each object appears in the wet plate of the ambrotype not only as a visual but also as a material memory, as a sort of a paradoxical archaeological find. At the same time, the singularity of each plate which can’t be mechanically reproduced along with the fact that it is developed in water from different springs, rivers and seas seems to be mystifying somehow the objects which depict something unseen and in constant mutation.

‘Matter of Time. An Aquatic Cartography’ will be presented as an installation at Zoetrope which has been transformed into the lab of Yannis Stournas for the past weeks. The opening will take place on Friday, September 13nth at the walk of Time Takes Time initiative within the framework of which it is realized.

About Time Takes Time

TIME TAKES TIME is a momentum around paper & words with a focus on the processes, materiality, touch and smell of prints, letters, inks and stained fingers.
Time Takes Time connects Greek and international artists and designers for a moment of co-creation within various workshops and print studios around the city of Athens. It takes place within strong local-global interconnections and seeks to weave between them a relationship and a possibility for tuning-in. Time Takes Time operates as a creolization of points of view, techniques, skills, and imaginaries, not to be seen as distinct entities. It merges layers of technologies from print ambrotypes, fax machine thermal ribbon, up to 3d printing and algorithm data poetry. Time Takes Time aims to combine diverse intimate feelings and subjective relations to the city of Athens through the lens of printed matter as to let waves of resonance emerge between alternative but complementary processes of work.
Time Takes Time organizes city walks through its interconnected workshops and spaces as to allow the various processes to be experienced by the public. Each walk is max 4 hours.


Athens Art Book Fair


Athens Art Book Fair is an artist-run initiative aiming to bring together and showcase artist publications produced in Greece as well as to create a link with publishing-based artistic practices internationally.

At the first installment of Athens Art Book Fair that will take place on September 7-8 in Stoa Kairi, Monastiraki, Zoetrope will be showcasing an eclectic selection of Greek self-published photobooks.


Is a project with a strong focus on the materiality, physicality,touchand smell of prints, letters, words, golden letters, inks, stained fingers. Aim is to organize a momentum, a project of high velocity, to share our appreciation for the matter of Paper & Words; through a series of events that combines and brings into dialogues, processes, skills and gestures performed by passionate people from here and abroad. The idea is to join complementary and alternative ways of working around Paper & Words and to create a time and space here in Athens where dialogues can emerge between people dwelling in this cosmology. The objective is to connect individuals or collectives and make their processes of creation and of production accessible and experienced by a wider public through a program of events. More news soon.


PLATEAU   0 3 4  

An exploration of Greek self-published photobooks


Artists’ self-publications are disorderly phenomena. They are defined by freedom, discovery, creativity, and experimentation as they move away from narrow, predefined structures. Unclassified and unseen, most self-publications entail their own multiplicities, occupying a space of their own.


Self-publishing is a growing practice in Greece, as many photographers and artists are becoming increasingly engaged in exploring and discovering new tools as well as collective initiatives to experiment with their own book production.


In many cases, self-publishing is clearly an act of resistance against formal and conventional structures of publishing. Self-publishers are manifesting new ways of artistic expression and sending out distinct signals, sometimes via just a handful of printed copies.


Despite the fact that many self-published editions are exceptionally designed, by way of introducing lesser-known materials and techniques which move beyond the limits of traditional display and storytelling, their exposure and distribution is extremely limited.


The exhibition ‘Plateau 034’ is a first attempt to map Greek photographic self-publications. Through the presentation of a non-hierarchical and non-complete assemblage, it constitutes a converging point of small, individual gestures. Our aim is to continue this exploration, via a developing rhizomatic platform, which, detached from conventional publishing practices, can set the conditions for the creation of multiple paths, branches, and plateaus.



Michael Almiroudis - Genius Seculi / Konstantinos Doumpenidis - Halt / Nikos Deltakapa - NO TURNING BACK / Pavlos Fysakis - Land Ends / Nicholas Faraklas - Athens Hates Pigeons / Panos Charalampidis and Mary Chairetaki - Second Chance / Giorgos Gripeos - a Kind of You / Yiannis Hadjiaslanis - Drive / Zoe Hatziyannaki - To kakovoulo / Antonis Kourkoulos - Roubabikia / Charalampos Kydonakis - WARN'D IN VAIN / Zisis Kardianos - In Limbo / Natasha Killova and Ritsa Blue - A diary of a nighttime / Elena Kollatou & Leonidas Toubanos - Avoid Area / Christos Lialios - Same but Different / Ilias Lois - Golden Peak / Fotis Milionis - 81 / Vassilis Noulas & Kostas Tzimoulis - Vaskos / Margarita Yoko-Nikitaki - Soil / Stefania Orfanidou - Pendulum / Nikos Papanikolaou - Tagada / Sarantis Raftopoulos - Street Food / Spyros Rennt - Another Excess / Ioanna Sakellaraki - The Truth is in the Soil / Alexandra Saliba - Everflow / Olga Stefatou - CHRYSALIS / Stamatis Schizakis - Athens Porn / Danai Simou - Romance / Myrto Steirou - Cruel Nature / Eliza Tamo - hEy yoU / Dimitris Tairis - The Urge / Antonis Theodoridis - The box of curios / Ellie Tsatsou - Alphabet / Dimitris Tsoumplekas - Texas / These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things - Spata / Alexis Vasilikos - Variations of Presence / Irina Vosgerau - Timetraveller / Yorgos Yatromanolakis - Not provided / Apostolos Zerdevas - State


19/6/2019 - 30/6/2019

Opening hours:

Tuesday – Friday: 11:00 – 19:00, Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 - 17:00


Evangelia Biza, Yiannis Hadjiaslanis, Kostas Kostopoulos,

Georges Salameh, Alexandra Saliba, Alexander Strecker, Yorgos Yatromanolakis.


With the participation of The Athens Zine Bibliotheque 


APhF 2019 Satellite Programme

PLATEAU   0 3 4   Talk: Book-making practices in self-publishing modes

With Evangelia Biza (bookbinder) and Kostas Kostopoulos (printer).

Thursday 27/06/19 at 19:30

PLATEAU   0 3 4   Open Discussion: Meet the self-publishers

To conclude our exhibition Plateau 034 / An exploration of Greek self-published photobooks, a first attempt to explore Greek self-published photobooks, we invite you to an open discussion. Sixteen self- publishers share questions, emotions, thoughts, intentions, successes, and failures stemming from their experiences of their self-publishing initiatives..

Thursday 30/06/19 at 19:30

A                                                  PLACE                                                YET                                                          TO                                          BECOME